Monday, February 29, 2016

Swim success

Congratulations to the amazing Ella who today received her certificates for 1st place in the 9yrs 50metre freestyle and backstroke at the recent Kauri team swim trials.

Ella will next be in action at the SW Zones swim champs in a couple of weeks. If she places 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the finals of her events she will be eligible to attend the Primary Schools Swim Championships.

Well done, Ella

Leap Year 2016 - Leap Day - February 29th

What we know, or think we know.

- There is a Leap Year every four years
- People born on this day have a birthday every 4 years but they also celebrate their birthday on February 28th
- There is an extra day in February
- It happens in February
- The next leap year will be in 2020
- It is the Southern hemisphere's end of summer and the Northern hemisphere's end of winter

Then we watched a video and looked at two awesome websites

Playground CARE values

Today we went outside to look at the playground CARE values.  We chose the Active Thinking - Follow the rules and play fairly.

Bad example:

We played a game of football. Mr Forman was one captain and Sam I was the other. Mr Forman cheated in the paper, scissors, rock; Mr Forman chose 5 people at once and only gave Sam one pick.

THIS WAS NOT FAIR - Rm 24 students

A good model:

1. Match up with a player of similar ability
2. Do paper, scissor, rock
3. The winner went on one side, the person who lost went on the other side
4. Clarified the rules - we all agreed
5. When rule is broken - free kick
6. Sorry, are you OK? then he helped him up.

Our BIG learning was that if you accidentally hit or hurt someone during a game, you should go over to them and say 'Sorry, are you OK? It was an accident' - then help them up.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week 5 and 6, term 1 - C.A.R.E for playground / break times

The CARE values that we will be focusing on, as a school, for the next two weeks are as follows:

Get involved and take turns.
Share and use equipment fairly.

Active Thinking
Agree on game rules and play fairly.
Be a caring friend.

Return gear to appropriate place.
Use appropriate language.
Hands and feet to yourself.
Listen, speak and show respect to others in the playground.

Try your best.
Play safely.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Week 2 and 3

It's been a busy couple of weeks. So much so that we have not added to our blog. So, here we are.


One of the art activities we have been doing is to take a photo of us jumping, paint a background in one colour moving from darker to lighter and then adding a silhouette of ourselves. Here is the design example we based it on.

Here we are out on the senior playground getting our photo taken.




And this is what 3 finished examples look like.

Cooling down

It has been very warm recently. So much so that we found the only way to keep cool was to enjoy a cool and refreshing ice block.



This year the year 7/8 students are going to be running lunchtime activities. These are run by the PALs -  Physical Activity Leaders. Mr Muller asked if Room 24 would be able to help with their training by joining them as they learned how to successfully run an activity. We split into two groups and were taught 5 different activities. Here we are in action.



Oral language

Practising the skill of speaking confidently in front of others is very important so we are always happy when someone puts their name up for oral language.

Here is the amazing Matina sharing her karate knowledge and skills. Matina also doubles as the class security guard.

Today Amber shared her awesome art activity and a bird's house that she found abandoned on the ground.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Photos from Tuesday 2nd Feb

Today we did an activity where we came up with ideas for how we could make our class a great place to learn.
We used our Postit sticky pads to record our ideas and then we pinned them on the wall by the TV.

Here are a couple of photos



And here we are doing our favourite activity to settle down after breaktime ... silent reading.



The room 24 way

Put your hand up when you want to share - Leah
Be respectful to the speaker by not talking and fiddling when they are speaking - Leah, Amber M,
Bring Mr F chocolate cake! - Room 24 + smiley
Circle time - be safe, don't use names of room 24 students, speak for yourself, speak when you have the 'speaking ball', what goes in - stays in, one person speaking at a time
Line up after break - Amber G
When you do something wrong, it is not about the person- it's about the behaviour - Will
Own your behaviour - Jordyn
When eating, sit down and put your rubbish in the correct bins - Amber G

Monday, February 1, 2016


Today was the start of the academic year. We started off with the roll and notices followed by a circle time where we set up the expectations. We do circle time each day after lunch to see what went well and what did not go so well.

We did our first 'silent reading' session today. Each day we will be reading a chapter book so that we develop our ability to read longer texts and understand more complex stories.

We finished off the afternoon by talking about some of the things we like, and then other students who had the same idea / opinion / like put their hand up so we could see who had similar interests. We wrote down some of these and tomorrow we will complete them. Between 8-10 will be selected to go on our 'about me' poster.

Here is an example below.

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