Monday, October 10, 2016

Term 4 - Here we go

Welcome back to school and to term 4.

We eased ourselves back into things today, going over our values and expectations and throwing in some athletics training as well.

We formed new oral language groups today. Students voted on how we would organise our new groups [1] Students choose [2] Mr F decides [3] Randomly draw out names from a hat.

Unsurprisingly, number 1 received the most votes, so we went with that. We appointed a team captain and then did some sharing of what we got up to during the break.

Here we are in our groups during oral language time.

We also started our unit on ALGEBRA today by sharing what we knew about it. We then looked at a couple of algebra problems that we shared our thoughts about how we would solve them. We started our pre-test and will continue tomorrow.

Here is a photo of some of the problems we looked at.

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