Thursday, November 17, 2016

Year 5 camp

I am proud of ...

being the leader of my activity group  - Jasper
shooting all 4 targets - Daniel D
archery - Josh
getting to sleep - Gus
not crashing in the gokart - Caitlyn
gokarting - Josh

My favourite activity was ...

rifle shooting because even though my arm was shaking I managed to hit a bullseye - Will
the waterslide because I went so fast I ended up sitting in the mud at the end of the slide - Teri
gokarting because I didn't crash - Elizabeth
team building because there were lots of activities in it -  Holly
gokarting because it felt like you were driving in a real car - Karlie
gokarting because I didn't crash once - Dania
gaga dodgeball because even though I got out I enjoyed myself
orienteering because we found a whole heap of them and we went all around - Kendell
the beach volleyball because I got some points for my team - Caitlyn
minigolf because I got some hole-in-ones - William
the teacher/parents V students touch game because it was fun versing the parents even though we lost the game and the parents/ teachers are the best players in the world - Samuel
climbing wall because I was the first one up and got to the top of all four - Keira
orienteering because I was the first one to find them all even some on my freetime - Jack W

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