Monday, February 29, 2016

Playground CARE values

Today we went outside to look at the playground CARE values.  We chose the Active Thinking - Follow the rules and play fairly.

Bad example:

We played a game of football. Mr Forman was one captain and Sam I was the other. Mr Forman cheated in the paper, scissors, rock; Mr Forman chose 5 people at once and only gave Sam one pick.

THIS WAS NOT FAIR - Rm 24 students

A good model:

1. Match up with a player of similar ability
2. Do paper, scissor, rock
3. The winner went on one side, the person who lost went on the other side
4. Clarified the rules - we all agreed
5. When rule is broken - free kick
6. Sorry, are you OK? then he helped him up.

Our BIG learning was that if you accidentally hit or hurt someone during a game, you should go over to them and say 'Sorry, are you OK? It was an accident' - then help them up.

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