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In term 3 we are going to try using a simple blogging app called Seesaw.

We will still use our individual learning blog but as this is a little difficult and time consuming we will only be doing ONE BLOGGER post per week.

We will use SEESAW on a daily basis to add pictures, voice and video of any learning you have been doing and want to share.

SEESAW will be linked to our classblog and I will also link it to your individual learning blog.

The good thing about SEESAW is that all our postings go onto one big blog page that everyone can see. You can also invite your parents to view your posts so that whenever you post they receive an email reminder to say ' hey, take a look at what you son/daughter has just shared with you'.

I think it will be fun and also will help many of you with how to do blogging to your individual blogger account.

Anyway,  Here is a slideshow that shows you how to join and log in.  You will need to download the SEESAW APP to your device if it is an ipad,tablet or mobile device. If you use a chromebook you can download the chromebook version of the app.

So, view the slideshow and give it a go.

Seesaw slideshow

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