Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Flag Referendum

Today we had the chance to experience what it feels like to participate in New Zealand's democratic process. We have been learning about the flag referendum and today we got the opportunity to vote for either keeping the current flag or changing to the Kyle Lockwood alternative.

All Kauri students went to the hall throughout the day to make their vote. Room 24's returning officer - the person who asked us our name, ruled a line through it and directed us to the voting booths - was Daniel B, and he did a great job.

One by one we came up, gave our name and then were given a pen and off we went to a voting booth to fill out a voting paper. We then folded it up and placed it inside one of the post boxes.

Tomorrow a group of students will count the votes and they will announce the results of the Kauri Flag Referendum. We will let you know the result.

Here are some photos of students in action.

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